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5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Tax Season

Tax accounting can create many stressful and overwhelming situations, especially if you have very little idea of what to do. This can be a delicate time of year for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The forms required, regulations to adhere to, documents you need to have and deadlines you need to hit can make you depressed and hopeless.

Thankfully, tax season can be navigated easily enough if you know what to do. As such the team at F Silveira is here to help you with 5 tips to stay ahead of tax season.


Make A Plan For The Tax Season

Waiting until the 11th hour has never served anyone well. If you have taken the time to get ready for this season, then filing your taxes should be smooth sailing. As such, planning for your tax filing is crucial.

Tax accounting for small businesses usually involves many documents that detail cash flow within the business. With plenty of time to gather and organize said documentation, the tax season should not come with any bad surprises.


Track Your Earnings For The Year

A great way to simplify your tax accounting for the year is by taking accurate records of your income. This involves safely storing all the documents that show how much your small business made that year. Your income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other relevant documents will be necessary for the tax season in 2023.


Track Your Expenses For The Year

As you track the things that bring you money, you also need to track the things that lose you money. All receipts and records of your payroll, expense report, purchase orders, invoices, etc should be stored in a safe location. Some of these expenses will be tax deductible but you will need proof of said expenses to get those deductibles.


Organize Your Tax Documents

The number of relevant documents and their variety can prove difficult to handle. Hence, you should institute a filing system to help you store and locate any of the documents when you need them.

Use labels to differentiate between the different documents and strive not to mix up your tax-related documents with others that have no bearing on your tax situation.


Engage Professional Services

If the amount of work necessary seems overwhelming, your best course of action could be to hire a tax service professional to aid you through the process. With the aid of accounting services, you can stay abreast of any updates to tax legislation. If new deductions or credits that you qualify for become available, the tax accountant can inform you and help you take advantage of them.

Professionally conducted tax accounting can also help you avoid any critical errors that will cost you fines and penalties.


F Silveira – Chartered Professional Accountant

Tax season in 2023 doesn’t have to be a stressful and overwhelming time for your business. If you can follow these tips, your tax accounting will be a simple process that takes up as little of your time as possible.

Please contact us if you need any help with tax accounting. F Silveira has a city-wide reputation for helping clients succeed. Since our inception in 2010, we have provided small businesses and large corporations with the financial assistance they need. Our firm offers tailored services to meet all your needs.

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