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How Does F Silveria Help You Get CWELCC Funding?

To be eligible for Canada-Wide Early Learning & Child Care Grant (CWELCC), you must provide Audited Financial Statements (AFS) for your organization.  F Silveira, Chartered Professional Accountant is a Toronto, Mississauga, and GTA accounting firm providing audit services and CWELCC application support to childcare agencies. F Silveira is here to help!


Hiring a Licensed Public Accountant for CWELCC

When seeking CWELCC funding, agencies must ensure that they engage a Licensed Public Accountant (LPA) with a valid license to conduct audits and review engagements in Ontario. In Canada, LPAs exclusively hold the authority to issue Independent Audit or Review Engagement Reports.

The responsibility rests with the agency to submit the requisite financial statements to the funding body, accompanied by signed opinion reports certified by an LPA. This adherence to licensing standards guarantees the integrity and accuracy of the financial assessments crucial for securing CWELCC funding.

An audit is a vital financial examination process that provides an independent evaluation of an agency’s financial statements. This meticulous review ensures transparency and instills confidence in stakeholders by offering reasonable assurance regarding financial accuracy.

Auditors meticulously inspect financial records and activities, assess risks, design procedures to evaluate controls, and ascertain compliance with established policies and procedures. Auditors may recommend necessary changes in controls or procedures to achieve objectives. As impartial third parties, auditors are entrusted with expressing their professional opinion on the audited financial statements. For organizations seeking CWELCC funding, audits are essential to meet guidelines and funding agreement requirements.

At F Silveria, we can provide an independent opinion on an Agency’s financial statements, which enhances the confidence of stakeholders with reasonable assurance when applying for CWELCC funding.

The Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) initiative is a transformative five-year plan aimed at enhancing the accessibility and affordability of childcare services. It seeks to reduce fees annually, ultimately reaching an average daily fee of $10 by 2025-2026.

CWELCC’s core objectives include expanding licensed childcare spaces, supporting early childhood educators with improved compensation and training, and removing barriers to inclusive and flexible childcare.



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